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Education for the educated ones

State-of-the-art disciplines of the second degree undergraduate
  • What year do you think your life will change significantly?
  • What would be the price for oil, gas, per square meter, a line of program code when these changes would happen?
  • How much of your time (and money) do you spend on figuring out the future, and how much on dealing with the routine matters? What will you do in the future?
The quality education of "yesterday" has been depreciated, and the new one does not look very promising.

Work does not give the opportunity to fall out of the rut and look around, like you should. It is clear that professions are disappearing, and freelance will require a quick readjustment to new affairs - what fundamental education corresponds to this?

And also robotization, that is now able to replace not only physical labor, but also an intellectual one. How to structure your competencies so that they are not taken by robots?

This course/training will tell you about what has fundamentally changed in today's world, and about different kind of a fundamental education that is not taught at school. You also can rate how ready you are for this future.
You should join the course
if you recognize yourself in one of
the described situations:
Not ready for rapid changes in professional field, feel insecure
Get lost among numerous self-improvement and professional training courses
You want a larger scale and you don't know how to raise your personality "calibre"
Set wrong goals, and when you understand their wrong, you get upset
The training course description
Changes and personal strategy
  • Disruptive technology: what is unexpected with AI;
  • Strategy and strategizing;
  • The myth of goal setting.
  • The most important requirements for thinking;
  • Abstraction: disciplines as checklistists;
  • Acquaintance with the fields of activity: engineering, entrepreneurship, management, healthcare, law enforcement, etc.
Worldview: methodological disciplines
  • Changes in worldview;
  • Rationality and the spectrum of thinking formalities;
  • Enlightenment 2020;
  • List of methodological disciplines: ontology, systems, scientific, computational thinking, etc.
"Role" skill: Cognitive Disciplines
  • Craft against engineering approach to personality development;
  • Awareness: acting in a role;
  • Fundamental education: cognitive disciplines;
  • Going into action: planning your development.


hours of intensive workshop
You really want but can't be present for the course physically? Then join us online!
Pick type of enrollment on the page that appear after you click on the button "I want to join group".
Still unsure about the course?
in the chat you can ask colleagues and lecturers questions that interest you and make an informed decision after you receive an answer to your question

(if you can't use the link, you can find the chat via the search: @welcomeSSM)

Обратно к описанию
Тренинг "Образование для образованных": 26.10
Один день, с 12:00 до 19:00
ул. Щипок, д.11, стр.1, офис АНО «НИСИПП»
Вид участия
9 000
11 000