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Social Multidance

we teach to dance partner dances - all at once and at the same time
What can be learnt from this course
  • how to transfer your body into a "body of a dancer" that dances indiscriminately
  • principles of interaction in pairs: both leading and following
  • the basics of the most popular social dances: tango, salsa, kizomba, zook, hustle, forro, etc.
  • we teach not "correctness", but controllability, namely, the exact coming from one position to another
What other challenges can be solved with the help of this course
Make a dancer's body out of an "office" body
The course draws attention to the muscular coordination of dance movements, invisible to the eye of a simple viewer: we included system fitness in the course. You will understand the secret of slow dancing, how to stop being "wooden" on the dance floor and dance not on the floor, but over the floor (or vice versa, "to the floor" for those dances where it is required). The dance step is different from the simple step, there is no fall in it. You will learn to move smoothly while maintaining an aesthetic body shape.
Learn how to translate dance instructors' speech into body language
If the demonstration of movements by some instructors does not coincide with what they say about these movements, or you watch a video where the dance is only shown, but no one explains anything, you can simulate the muscular work of the dancers and understand what is shown. If you understand what is being shown, then you can repeat it. There is no thoughtless repetition of what was seen in the course, the course begins with awareness in the dance - but, of course, then you bring the conscious movement to automatism and free your brain of improvisation.
Avoid the basic mistakes of the beginners - at once for all types of dances
In each dance, you are usually taught competent coordination: to keep the balance yourself and not to unbalance the partner, make isolation, accurately transfer weight, stabilize the head, and much more - in fact the same for all dances. And the errors are the same for all dances. You learn this technique once and correct these errors at once for all types of dances.
Be "one of them" at any social dance party
You will understand how each dance is both similar and different from other dances. The course is designed so that if you understand something, you will be able to fulfill it. Also, you will learn advanced levels of dance way faster, you would not have to go to the beginner group, but could start with the more advanced one.
What you will gain from this course
besides mind and body "clarity"
More fun at the party

The dancer's pleasure is greater the higher the level of his dance. The "office" body at the party will not enjoy as much , but we will begin to shape the body of the dancer. And the ability to dance several dances (multi-dance) allows you to get different types of pleasure from different dances. Dance pleasure (tangasma) also lasts after parties: its biochemical nature.
Ability to dance to different music
You will learn to dance a simple dance in a pair at a variety of parties. You can be both a leader and a follower - you will have experience in dancing both parties. Learning multidance with the right approach takes as much time as teaching five or six individual dances to about the same level of professionalism.
Lots of nice dance practice
You will learn to own not only your body, but to control the body of a partner for the role of a leader, hear the signals of a partner and follow these signals for the role of a follower. The course will not only give you all the necessary theory, but will make you do a lot of exercises in order to lead-follow up to automatism, freeing the brain for improvisation and study of figures.
The course is recommended for those who want to understand the world of social dancing, both theoretically and practically. For those who prefer the "look and do like me" approach, that's not us. We explain and train skills. This course is for those who are not familiar with any social dances or have been dancing for less than a year. No need to have a pair. We will teach you both lead and follow.
Course program



twice a week for 2 hours
I. Dance Body Engineering
  • Manifestation of problems: sensitization / diagnosis of the indistinguishability of effort and limp. The principle of radar.
  • Problem solving: a variety of techniques for finding limp and memorizing supplements.
  • Adding functionality: conscious inclusion of tapes of pure interference and pure twisting in statics (amplitudes)
  • Adding functionality: deliberate coordination in the tapes when changing postures (speed) and under one's own weight (strength)
  • Ability to model
II. Bodily forms
  • Uniqueness and community of body forms in different dances
  • Posture in pair and its problems: "head with a gyroscope"; arms extended; without lordosis; soft knees, but not bent; strong ankle with neutral pronation; countercurrents and amble;
  • Accuracy: 1 cm or less, 3 degrees or less!
  • Body forms of dance step
  • Exact (1 cm or less) compliance with four lines in the legs
  • Bodily forms of rotation
III. The horizons of individual dance languages
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • Urban Keyes and Tarrasho
  • Zuk
  • Forro
  • WCS
  • hustle

For each dance you would learn:
  • Weight transfer rhythm
  • Bodily form
  • Improvisation on 3-4 base figures
Video about the course:
Still unsure about the course?
in the chat you can ask colleagues and teachers questions that interest you and make an informed decision

(if you can't use the link, you can find the chat via the search: @welcomeSSM)

Methodological course materials:
What's next?
  • Do nothing. Just go to different parties with good music and dance simple dances there with our graduates;
  • go to learn the dance you like at a traditional dance school, or at master classes. But you will learn much faster: the course will show you what to look for when learning. The ability to lead and follow is also useful;
  • go to a systems fitness course, where they will help you quickly make a fast, flexible and aesthetic body of a dancer from an "office" or even sports body. If there is nothing to dance with, this can be corrected.
Not ready yet to enroll in our course? Well, we created something very useful and absolutely free for you: project analysis check-list
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  • структурируете имеющуюся информацию по проекту;
  • получаете обратную связь от команды;
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Это бесплатно!
Обратно к описанию
Курс "Социальный мультиданс": старт 21.01
24 занятия по 2 раза в неделю
Курс рекомендуется тем, кому хочется разобраться в мире социальных танцев как теоретически, так и практически. Этот курс для тех, кто не знаком ни с какими социальными танцами или танцует меньше года. Подход "смотри и делай как я" — это не к нам. Мы объясняем для мозга и ставим навыки для тела. Не надо иметь пары. Мы научим:
  • и вести, и следовать в паре;
  • танцевать на простых шагах под самую разную музыку на самых разных вечеринках;
  • дадим попробовать самые разные танцы (аргентинское танго, урбан киз, форро и т.д.), чтобы вы могли потом выбрать вам понравившиеся для более глубокого изучения.

Цена курса при ранней регистрации — 24 000₽
За 7 дней до старта цена увеличивается
24 000
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