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Tserenov Tseren
Head of the Systems Management School, Vice President for Development of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "NISIPP".
Tseren helps people systematize their experience, promotes the popularization of the modern systems approach and helps to shape the trajectory of further professional development.

Many Tseren's students and employees not only achieved high career heights, but also became well-deserved professionals in their field.
In 2015, we had a goal of creating not just a school that sells courses, although high-quality ones, but forms (or changes) new style of life for a person who will be equally successful at work, in family and social life. Realization of this goal is exactly what I do at School. It is happened to be that from the very inception of the School I am engaged in two areas - strategic and operational management. Besides that, I work with the community of the School, which already counts more than two hundred people.

In addition, I conduct training seminars for the course "Systems Management and Strategy" and participate in the Workshop "Systems Innovations: Step One - Idea".
Tseren Tserenov
Learn practice of changes from Tseren:
Here is what Tseren says about his professional experience:

"I have mastered many different professions and almost always started from the bottom, whether it was the smallest position or it was my extremely basic knowledge in these professional fields (from informatization to the road sector.) Nevertheless, I always achieved significant success, meaning certain professional respect. I have an understanding of how to take the first practical steps in any work field and how to gradually move the way up to success.

In my life, I was almost always engaged in changes of all kinds, I was always the main reformer, who had his own position on demanding changes. I can organize and carry out system changes. "
What is taught by Tseren
The basic course "Systems approach in management and engineering", which is recommended to a wide range of employees of enterprises who wish to understand what is modern system thinking is about and how to use it in management and engineering fields. Also, the Basic course is recommended for those who find it difficult to read A.Levenchuk's book "Systems Thinking" or who would like to get a fast start into system thinking. Moreover, Tseren gladly shares his experience of using the systems approach in his personal life, for example, about raising his children.
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