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Anatoly Levenchuk
Systems Management School head of science, director of research at the Russian chapter of the International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE)
Anatoly lectured on systems thinking, systems engineering, systems management and entrepreneurship at MIPT, MEPhI, UrFU, SFU, Rosatom Corporate Academy, Systems Management School.

He is an author of the textbooks on systems-engineering thinking, systems thinking, and the course "Systems Thinking" on Coursera. He writes blog "Laboratory Journal" (
As the head of science at School, I am in charge of both the modernity and the fundamental character of the education that our courses provide. Also I teach the systems management and strategy course. It is a course where modern systems thinking seen as fundamental knowledge which allows students in a very short period of time get a practical idea of management and strategy at level that would be enough for them to deal with current trends and start operate in their project.
Anatoly Levenchuk
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Anatoly draws attention to significant trends before they even become well known and popular among everyone (in 1990 to the Internet, in 2012 to artificial intelligence); he is able to carry out methodological work: to formulate disciplines out of just art and intuition. He is patient enough to design these disciplines by putting them in thick textbooks. For example, he wrote a textbook on systems thinking; he knows how to teach adults difficult disciplines, he has been successfully engaged in this field for 35 years; he can help plan and launch development programs in a large holding or even an industry.
what is taught by Anatoly
Anatoly teaches flagship course "Systems Management and Strategy 2019", which provides a compact but system and fundamental education in the field of management to the techies who want to consciously build their management career, or who simply wants to learn to constructively negotiate with managers. Anatoly also regularly holds training on how to remain a sought-after specialist in an era of change - "Education for the educated."
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