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Vyacheslav Mizgulin
Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory of Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems of the UrFU, an independent consultant on system and software engineering.
After you have studied system thinking, the best move would be to apply the acquired knowledge as early as possible in a real project. The easiest way to do that is to start with systems modeling of the concept. This is what we do in groups with engineers and managers: draw and discuss conceptual schemes, simulate business, operation and the system itself. The main thing after all is to link it all together so that you can explain the essence of the project in 3 minutes.
Vyacheslav Mizgulin
Learn about System Engineering from Vyacheslav
  • INCOSE RUS President 2018;
  • the founder of Russia's first "Master of Science in Systems Engineering";
  • author of the book "Systems Engineer. How to start a career in a new technological order. "
Systems Engineering: Modeling product concept
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