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Prapion Medvedeva
Teacher, coacher in applied rationality
Prapion teaches ontology and applied rationality: how to make a good decision based on the exact model of the world and then implement it in real life qualitatively.

She likes to understand how peoples' process of knowing the world as well as process of making and executing decisions is arranged: where exactly can be made relatively small intervention in order to get the best result.
It is important for me to make sure that people receive a fundamental education in terms of how we build a map of reality and how we act on the basis of this map. I believe that due to awareness in this area, people better agree with each other and do better joint activities.
Prapion Medvedeva
Learn pragmatism from Prapion:
If there is no new physical action after understanding, then there is no understanding. For a long time we have not asked the question "how it really is," instead we ask "how it will be more convenient for me to represent it for my task".
What is taught by Prapion
Fundamentals of ontology - the course of a fundamental understanding of the world and the ways to operate in it. Conceptualization of the descriptions of the world, the creation of useful and accurate models of the world, logically intuitive and formal reasoning and constant goal-orientedness.
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