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(conducted using a systems approach)
the first step to mastering the sample of the 21st century systems thinking

fall 2019
It is unlikely that someone would refuse to be system: almost everyone wouldn't mind to have
systems thinking. However, there is a long and tough way from desire to realization. And when it comes to changing our fundamental knowledge, then this path becomes way more complicated. Moreover, from the current situation view point, benefits from the spent time and money, are not obvious at all.

At the workshop, we will talk about what is a modern systems approach and
why the ability to operate with the concept of "stakeholder" will launch high-quality
changes in your life - and, of course, at work.

As part of the workshop, we will immediately test the assimilation of the theoretical part in solving educational problems, and the final corporate game will allow us to practice performing stakeholder roles at a meeting on a real business case.
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You should attend the course
if you recognize yourself in one of
the described situations:
For a relatively long time you have not upgraded your professional skills - and now you are lost in numerous applied courses of professional and personal development. Want to systemize your experience and understand where to go next.
You understand that learning systems thinking is not easy, but it also requires considerable amount of time and money. You can't evaluate how
much it suits you personally and what result you can get in the
You tried learning systems thinking,
but could not get quick
results. Want
to hone at least a couple
of simple skills and get a
boost of motivation for

What you will gain from this course
Except mind clarity and systematization of your experience
Wider outlooks
conscious management of personal educational trajectory
Correct Meetings
by taking into account the differences between the personal and business interests of the interlocutors
Results and no stress
"Do what should be done as a stakeholder, and be what will be"
What's included in the workshop
We learn the language and the principles of the modern systems approach
We solve educational problems to consolidate the theoretical part
We consolidate the material covered by the example of the training-game "Meeting"
Workshop program
  1. Fundamental education, outlooks and applied practices
  2. Concepts of a modern systems approach
  3. Who is a stakeholder and why no stakeholder no system
  4. "System - Interest - Stakeholder - Practice"
  5. "Nothing personal, just stakeholder interest"
  6. Training game "Meeting"
Still unsure about the course?
in the chat you can ask colleagues and lecturers questions that interest you and make an informed decision after you receive an answer to your question

(if you can't use the link, you can find the chat via the search: @welcomeSSM)

The workshop is instructed by
Tseren Tserenov
Head of the Systems Management School, Vice President for Development of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "NISIPP".
Tseren helps people systematize their experience, promotes the popularization of the modern systems approach and helps to shape the trajectory of further professional development.

Many Tseren's students and employees not only achieved career success, but also became well-deserved professionals in their field.

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Получите чек-лист и начните его применять прямо сейчас!
Хотите самостоятельно убедиться, что с вашим проектом все в порядке? Чек-листы по проектному анализу - удобный и эффективный способ диагностики проекта на любой стадии. Пользуясь чек-листами, вы:
  • проверяете, все ли гипотезы, перспективы и риски учли на этапе планирования;
  • структурируете имеющуюся информацию по проекту;
  • получаете обратную связь от команды;
  • определяетесь с дальнейшим курсом;
  • можете быть уверены в том, что "белых пятен" не осталось - чек-листы охватывают все возможные стороны проектного управления.
Чек-лист - это документ, по которому мы проверяем себя. Например, список действий, которые необходимо совершить, или предметов, которые нужно не забыть взять с собой. Чек-листы используются в авиации, медицине, строительстве - то есть там, где ошибки недопустимы. Если вы ответственно подходите к проектному управлению, предлагаем вам использовать чек-листы - по-настоящему надежный метод контроля.
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