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How to negotiate quickly in
difficult situation

By seeing which stakeholder each person represents
on 25 — 26th of august
Prior registration for the course
Tuition Fees: 9 000 руб.
5 days before the training starts- 11 000 руб.
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Course "How to negotiate quickly in difficult situations": starts 25.08
2 days of classes 3 hours long each class
Type of enrollment
To get you acquainted with the systems approach, we offer a short training (for two days in the evenings each three hours long) about negotiations in the systems approach.
This training is for those who want to learn how to negotiate in difficult situations, understand the motives and goals of people in a team, intuitively separate work and personal conflicts and not allow them to mingle in negotiations.
You should come
If you recognize yourself in one of the
described situations:
You confuse personal and industrial conflicts very often, and there is no end to it
You do not understand what people need and how to give them what they need, because they say something that seems strange and alien to you
You do not understand your role in the project: you can not help others and can not explain anyone how to help you
What can be learnt from this course
Strong position
When communicating, it will be more difficult to pull rank at you. You will see the real interest of a person.
Conscious decision-making
You will be less distracted by his / her personal qualities and the history of your relationship, you will learn to make decisions depending on the situation without losing the general context.
Preparation for meetings
You will learn how to look at preparing for presentations, meetings and negotiations differently, it will become easier and more predictable.


hours (each class)
Tution fees
classes start - 25.08
special price until 20.08
11 000
9 000 rub.
2 days of classes each 3 hours long
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on 25 - 26th of August this course is taught by

Course program
Performances where people play
  • theatrical metaphor: actors and performers;
  • external and internal (team) stakeholders, how many of them, which stakeholders are there always?
  • typical mistakes in defining stakeholders: not positions, not ranks, not qualifications.
Stakeholder interest and how to find out about these interests
  • the concept of activity interest and its evaluation and method of description;
  • how the stakeholders themselves behave and what they say: word-beacons;
  • situationality of stakeholders and what to do with it.
Systems leadership and stakeholder skill
  • how people occupy their roles: the concepts of leadership and stakeholder mastery;
  • Who are you as a stakeholder?
  • typical difficulties in engaging and retaining your own stakeholder position.
Stakeholder awareness
  • system awareness;
  • how to listen to yourself;
  • 3 things that can not be done;
  • 3 things that better be done

You will practice each of the blocks by using your own case. In the end you will get these skills:
  • Determine what kind of stakeholder you are and who else is in your situation: what interests do all of you have;
  • orient yourself in a situation and quickly recognize why people may or may not want to take on the roles assigned to them;
  • To find out what people want, and how to achieve this with the least cost.