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How to remain in-demand employee in the era of change

In how many years you will be out of date and can this be avoided?
on 5 — 6th of September
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Course "How to remain in-demand employee in the era of change": starts 05.09
2 days of classes each 3 hours long
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The qualitative "education of yesterday" has depreciated, while new education does not open any horizons.

Work does not give the chance to fall out of the rut and look around, but it should. It is clear that the profession disappears, while freelancing will require a quick reconfiguration for new cases - what fundamental education does this correspond to?

And also robotization, which began to replace not only physical work, but also mental. How to structure your competences so that they are not eaten by robots?

The training will tell you about what has fundamentally changed in today's world, and about fundamental education that is not taught in school. And you can assess on how ready you are for this future.
You should come
If you recognize yourself in one of the
described situations:
You are not ready for rapid changes in the professions field, you feel uncertain
Get lost among the numerous courses of self-improvement and trainings
You want more global scale, and you do not know how to raise the "caliber" of your personality
You set erroneous goals, later you understand your mistakes and get upset
Course program
Brief description of today's changes
  • changes in the world view, a new "scientific";
  • progress: always on the side;
  • artificial intelligence as a key change;
  • the possibilities of machines in engineering, management, creativity.
Short course of personal strategy
  • problematization of Collins test results: what can be changed?
  • against (fuzzy) goals;
  • disappearance of professions
  • but if there are no goals, then what should I do?
  • investing in yourself, your lover, for successful planning - as a strategy;
  • Keep calm: the theory of happiness.
Fundamental education
  • world of activity: practices, disciplines, competences;
  • The "caliber of personality" matters: why three-day courses (tree of disciplines) do not work;
  • briefly ontology;
  • briefly on systems thinking;
  • a brief description of conceptual disciplines: systems engineering, management, entrepreneurship, education, etc ..
Personal systems development
  • the basic scheme of personality development;
  • briefly on stakeholder skill;
  • how to learn: the concept of the sergeant's method;
  • briefly about procrastinology;
  • briefly about systems fitness.


hours (each class)
Tution fees
classes start - 05.09
9 000 rub.
2 days of classes each 3 hours long
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on 5 - 6th of September this course is taught by